How much goes to local and international charities and how much to overhead?

Less than 1%, let’s just round it to 0%. Unlike many other vehicle donation programs, ours has virtually no overhead. Check carefully, you may find overhead (salaries, administrative, towing, etc.) as high as 20% or higher with other programs.

Can I donate a vehicle that is not in running condition?

Yes. We will tow the vehicle free of charge.

Can I donate a vehicle with out-dated registration?


Can I donate a vehicle that has serious body damage?


Can I donate a motorcycle, RV or boat?


How do I find a list of supported charities?
Go to this page on the Sunrise Rotary Concord website for a list and description of supported charities.

Donating A Vehicle

Can I make a copy of the vehicle title and send it? 

No. Please mail the original vehicle title (“Certificate of Title”) to D&H Enterprises.

Will a tow truck be sent to pick up my vehicle and if so, is there a pick-up fee?

There is no towing fee. A tow truck will be sent for your vehicle in any condition, running or not.

Which forms do I need to fill out and return?

Our online form provides the information we need to process your donation. Otherwise, when we pick-up your vehicle, you will receive a simple, short donor form (Information to CPA/Accountant, “Contribution of Motor Vehicles, Boats & Airplanes”).

When will I receive the tax deduction form?

You will receive your 1098c tax deduction form immediately after the sale of the donated vehicle.


When did Clunkers4Charity begin operating?

The program was preceded by another vehicle donation program. Clunkers4Charity has been operating for many years and the partner company, D&H Automotive sees about 60 vehicles per week of which about 1 or 2 are ideal candidates for the program as the repairs needed far exceed the value of the car. Vehicles are donated by individuals and organizations from throughout the Bay Area and Northern California.

Which areas of California are served?

Give us a call to determine if your city or town is in our coverage area.

What organizations can partner with Clunkers4Charity?

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate a potential new partnership. Civic and governmental organizations that routinely have vehicles available are great potential new partners! To view the list of current partners, visit the Partner page.

How do I specify a partner — a civic, school, church or governmental organization so they share in the proceeds?

Organizations and schools that are participating in the Clunkers4Charity program are included in the online form on the Donation page. Simply click on “-Select A Recipient-” and then select from the names that appear.

Who is the contact for media inquiries?

Media inquiries may be directed to Program Director, Dave Kemnitz at 925-360-5260.

Who designed the website?

Professionals from several disciplines including graphic design, website design, photography, videography, SEO and Online Advertising came together as part of the Communications Consortium, also known as C2C Bay Area.  Visit our Partner Page to learn more.